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    • 01/24/2019
    • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    • United Way of Escambia County, 1301 W. Government St., Pensacola, FL 32502
    • 27

    Building Your Facilitation Skills: 
    The "What" and the "How" of Financial Literacy

    Sponsored by CenterState Bank

    Thursday, January 24, 2019
    9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

    - Free to all current, active FPP members
    - $29 registration fee for all non-FPP members
    (to assist with lunch costs)
    - Special pricing for all EscaRosa Financial Stability Coalition affiliates

    - Lunch and beverages are included
    - CEUs are available for full engagement in this session!  

    Why should you invest in your professional development for this near full-day workshop?  

    If you are a Financial Capability practitioner, or if you are leading Financial Literacy in any capacity, or even if you ever have to present in front of others in any capacity, you will benefit from further developing your facilitation skills!  

    This immersive, one-of-a-kind workshop focuses on both the “what” and the “how” of Financial Literacy for your optimal effectiveness.

    The “what” is an introduction, reintroduction or reinforcement of existing high-quality (and free!) Financial Literacy content packages currently available to you.  Examples of content packages include FDIC’s Money Smart, the CFPB’s Your Money, Your Goals, the Florida Office of Financial Services/Chief Financial Officer’s Your Money Matters, among others.    

    Come learn directly from the experts on the most recent updates to these content offerings!   

    But the “what” alone is not enough to turn pure learning (Level II) into applied learning (Level III) that leads to sustainable behavior change (Level IV).  To elevate your game, you must grow your skills as a Facilitator!  That is, “how” you share content with others is mission-critical so that it enhances their learning through interactive, immersive, engaging facilitation techniques. 

    FPP will share the “how” of Content Facilitation, leveraging the featured content of the partner.  Some basic learning theory will be introduced, a variety of facilitation tips, tools and techniques will be shared, and the development and use of open-ended questions will be practiced!  Also, select participants who desire to engage in Facilitation skill practice with targeted feedback will be offered during the session.   

    Register today to learn and grow with your peers and the experts!  

    • 02/08/2019
    • 9:00 AM - 11:45 AM
    • Virtual Session

    FPP Third Annual Online Conference: 
    “Meeting LMI Floridians Where They Are . . . “
    Friday, February 8, 2019
    9:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. 
    An Online Conference Using the GoTo Webinar Platform

    This fast-paced virtual conference combines the best of TED Talks and the Pecha Kucha style of knowledge-sharing and inspiration! 

    This rapid-fire session offers you, the learner, an unparalleled opportunity to focus on a broad variety of topics critical to your work as a Financial Capability practitioner, all in a brief amount of time, in a place most convenient for you—where you are. 

    And meeting you where you are with learning reinforces the theme of this year’s online conference—“Meeting LMI Floridians Where They Are,” leveraging FPP’s Nine Platforms for Prosperity.  Participants will learn from nine (9) different Guest Experts as they share their inspirational examples of how their work is meeting and serving Floridians in need of support and guidance where they are, in their own communities.   

    Register.  Tune In.  Engage.  Learn.  Go forth.  Serve. 

    • 05/29/2019
    • 8:00 AM
    • 05/31/2019
    • 5:00 PM
    • Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate

    For the most current information regarding
    FPP's Eleven:  
    Florida Prosperity Partnership
    Eleventh Annual 
    Statewide Training Conference

    see www.FPPConference.com. 

    FPP's Eleven: 
    Florida Prosperity Partnership
    Eleventh Annual
    Statewide Training Conference

    Wednesday, May 29 through
    Friday, May 31, 2019
    Omni Orlando at Championsgate Resort

    With special events preceding the main conference on Tuesday, May 28, and Wednesday, May 29, prior to 12:00 noon.  See the links at the bottom for details of the accompanying events.

    Join your peers who comprise the coalition of Florida Prosperity Partnership in Orlando for the FPP Eleventh Annual Statewide Training Conference!

    This one-of-a-kind annual professional development event, held between May 28 - May 31, 2019, convenes three hundred (300) or more Financial Capability practitioners from across the state and the country to Learn, Influence, Connect and Partner!

    Why Engage in the FPP Eleventh Annual Statewide Training Conference? 

    Invest In Your Learning – With nearly twenty (20) hours of inspiring plenary sessions, interactive concurrent sessions facilitated by peer experts, and film shorts that will touch your heart, the FPP Conference offers ample opportunity for you to grow in your professional development! 

    Influence Your Communities – As Financial Capability practitioners learn together, they gather knowledge, skills and insights that allow them to serve their communities at their best!  You deserve that, and your neighbors in need in your community deserve it, too! 

    Seek Connection With Peers – Each participant experiences countless opportunities to engage with more than three hundred (300) professional peers who share a common goal—moving our fellow Floridians from financial crisis to stability, security, well-being and prosperity.  When like-minded professionals come together, great things happen!  

    Strike Partnership for Collective Impact – FPP Conference participants convene in Orlando seeking ways to collaborate with others from their own region, and from across Florida, to share their model practices and work together to generate exponential impact for others!  It is so simple, yet true . . . we are better together! 

    Who Should Engage in the FPP Eleventh Annual Statewide Training Conference? 

    Why, you should!  If you are part of the movement of serving our fellow Floridians to help them move through from a place of financial crisis to stability, security, well-being and prosperity, you will gain immensely by investing your time and energy to learn and grow at that FPP Conference! 

    The annual gathering brings together leaders and practitioners of all levels representing non-profit organizations large and small, financial institutions, academic circles, for-profit organizations and quasi-government entities to work toward the common cause of lifting every Floridian! 

    Be a part of the movement!  Your presence, your active engagement, and your support make the difference!