FPP Financial Focus FilmFest (F5)

Thursday, May 31, 2018

7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando Resort

A part of the . . .

FPP Tenth Annual Statewide Training Conference

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FPP is not looking for boring, industry teaching videos! Funny, dramatic, thought-provoking content that engages the audience was an essential for this Call for Submissions!

Submission Content Details

A short film/video with a maximum of twenty-two (22) minutes in length is requested. The film or video content must deliver entertainment value (a creative, engaging approach), while not necessarily directly teaching a lesson (a la “talking head”).

F5 FilmFest submissions will be divided in two categories: Narrative and Social Media. For the Narrative category, think of the style of the feature film The Big Short, or the pilot episode from The Cosby Show, or even Confessions of a Shopaholic. For the Social Media category, think of a favorite YouTuber – someone that inspires thought while entertaining.


Nearly 700 films from all over the world were submitted for F5 2018, and these films made the cut:

1.       “A Millennial Job Interview” (2:46) Directed by Daniel Brea (USA)

2.       “The Importance of Giving” (1:30) Directed by Prakhyat Chatla (India)

3.       “How To Roll On A Budget” (5:21) Directed by Gretchen Gutierrez (USA)

4.       “Permanent Address” (6:19) Directed by Sandhya Krishnamurthy (USA)

5.       “Syncopation” (10:59) Directed by Benny Goldman (Australia)

6.       “Chain” (11:45) Directed By Madhawa Thirimanna (Sri Lanka)

7.       “Getting out of a Financial Hurricane” (6:01) Directed by Gabriel Soltren (USA)

8.       “On Time” (8:16) Directed by Xavier Neal-Burgin (USA)

9.       “Popcorn & Chocolate” (15:00) Directed by Cathrine Hatcher (USA)

10.   “Final Notice” (12:30) Directed by Rick Kain (USA)

11.   “One Fine Day” (10:00) Directed by Vibin M.R. (India)

Additionally, FPP desires to impart ethical and moral decision-making through the FilmFest content. Submissions that deliver messages that favor saving over consumption, living within one’s means, and making responsible financial choices are desired.

Cash prizes are awarded to those filmmakers who the FilmFest judges deem as the most impactful (see the Awards page). Yet the F5 initiative is so much more than a contest. This is a filmmaker’s opportunity to make a difference using their creativity, reaching thousands of students in Florida and beyond to become more financially savvy and secure in their future!

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